To provide an insight into how Newcastle University are using Grouper to manage access control to systems, we have created a series of narrated videos.

Module Provisioning into Grouper

As part of the JISC funded project at Newcastle University, IDMAPS, we have recently started to use the the open source data integration tool, Talend, to load data into Grouper.

Data must be loaded into Grouper from institutional data sources to enable it to reflect the University structure, with Talend the ability to do this has been significantly improved.

The video demonstrates how we provision Module enrolments into Grouper to allow us to provide access control to web resources such as Wiki's and lecture capturing.

For ease of viewing, it has been split into a number of parts

Providing Role based access control from Grouper

The following video demonstrates how we extract data from Grouper to provision other systems which depend on group management, using the example of the Syllabus Plus Room Booking system. Control over who can book particular rooms must be exercised based upon an individuals position and role within the organisation. This information is supplied from Grouper, and combined with other sources of data to generate an XML feed which is parsed by Syllabus Plus.

Using Grouper to provide data from Syllabus Plus room bookings.