The first project report on the Grouper Subject API is now available, this report represents the output of work package 4.

The gFivo project's Sample Groups report is available, this report represents the output of work package 5.

The gfivo project report on provisioning connectors used with grouper is available this report represents the output of work package 6.

An additional report has been made available on Multiple Security Mechanisms Web Services Deployment (Also available as word doc) this is an additional report commissioned by Newcastle university and was not in the project plan, however we have decided to make it publicaly available so the community can benefit and comment.

As part of the project we have created an ITIL service description for the Grouper service.

A report on virtual identity is available, this details the issues and factors to consider when hosting external identies.

The project has investigated SPNEGO authentication and shibboleth 2 and produced a report detailing recommendation for future JISc funding. The project has also produced a guide for setting up SPNEGO based single sign on with shiboleth 2.0.


A number of videos have been created to document how we are loading modules enrolments into Grouper and extracting data from Grouper to provision role based access control.

To view these, please see the videos page.


Cal gave a 30 minute presentation at the Internet2 spring members meeting conference in Washington DC April 2008, the presentation was on Advanced Access Management presenting a case study of the newcastle grouper deployment.

Cal gave 3 presentations on shibboleth at the Internet2 Campus Architectural Middleware Program (CAMP) and advanced CAMP conferences in Portland Oregon on 23rd-28th June 2007. The presentations where: shibboleth case studies, attribute delivery both given at the main CAMP and a presentation on collaborative tools at the Advanced CAMP.


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