test of large group uploads

Test module data uploaded: 103,723 memberships to 2753 modules in 79 subject areas

As part of the grouper trial we have successfully uploaded the module enrolment data of current students into the grouper system. This involved adding 103,723 memberships to 2753 modules in 79 subject areas. Initially we added the modules into one flat directory containing all 2753 modules but this slowed the user interface down to a barely usable crawl when browsing the module directory. Placing modules in sub directories named after subject areas improved user interface performance, usability of the interface was maintained. The provisioning run took almost 1 hour to load all groups via grouper shell scripts, which while  not ideal is usable for a weekly provisioning run. We would expect to update daily with changes to module enrolment and reload weekly to maintain integrity.  While this data is not being used live at present module enrolment info will become an important part of our final grouper deployment. This demonstrates that grouper is a relevant tool for maintaining large groups memberships.

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