Multi-port Web Services.

Multi-port Web Servics deployment unsuccessful.

Multi-port Web services doesn't appear to work and there's not much work being done on the subject within the Web Services community.

We looked into deploying a multi-port Web Service (i.e. deploy the same service on 2 different ports) in the following fashion:

1) add each and every separate port as transport listeners and transport receivers in axis2.xml on the service side.

2) Add the transport tag to the services.xml

Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in deploying this service as a multi-port service. Despite posting queries on the topic on various Web Service mailing lists, we couldn't a concrete reply on why it doesn't work. It appears that multi-port WS is not used widely in WS community since it is easier to just deploy the same service twice but with different security mechanisms. This is how Grouper WS currently supports 2 different security mechanisms.

So it appears that the 2 options to deploying multiple security mechanisms for the same service cannot be implemented at present.

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