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Grouper Demonstration Videos

A series of videos demonstrating the loading and extracting of data in and out Grouper have been published.
Published: 10:24 3rd November 2009

Grouper Application Development
Updates on JAVA hooks, JMS, and grouper loader

Published: 10:09 20th April 2009

Grouper Deployment Update
Grouper and Syllabus Plus

Published: 13:34 16th April 2009

Using Kerberos as a SSO

Published: 12:39 8th September 2008

Development guide for PHP and .NET clients on Grouper site.

Published: 09:05 4th September 2008

Outsourcing Identity Management functions report released.

GFIVO has just released a first draft of a report  that looks at the feasibility of outsourcing Identity Management functions.
Published: 16:08 20th August 2008

ITIL documentation for Grouper.

We have released ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) documentation for the live Grouper service.
Published: 15:43 8th August 2008

Update on Java, PHP and .NET clients.

This is a quick progress report on our work on Java, PHP and .NET clients for Grouper WS. We have decided that we will continue using Rampart 1.3 and not Rampart 1.4 as mentioned in previous postings.
Published: 15:22 25th July 2008

Rampart 1.4 problems fixed!

We have fixed all the issues that we identified in the Rampart 1.4 release.
Published: 11:41 4th July 2008

First thoughts on Apache Rampart 1.4 and Apache Axis 2.1.4.

We began looking into Rampart 1.4 because it supposedly provided better support for .NET clients. However, we have come across a couple of teething problems with Rampart 1.4 which might mean we have to continue working Rampart 1.3 instead.
Published: 10:01 3rd July 2008

Improving the interface for existing client PHP Grouper WS clients.

We are currently looking into improving the interface for our existing client PHP scripts for Grouper WS.
Published: 09:47 3rd July 2008

ITIL documentation for Grouper.

We will be releasing ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) documentation for Grouper shortly. ITIL is essentially a series of documents that are used to aid the implementation of a lifecycle framework for IT Service Management.
Published: 09:28 18th June 2008

Developing .NET clients to consume Grouper.

We will be developing .NET clients to consume the newly installed Grouper WS v.1.3.0.
Published: 12:10 10th June 2008

test of large group uploads

Test module data uploaded: 103,723 memberships to 2753 modules in 79 subject areas
Published: 16:11 4th June 2008

Grouper v1.3.0 API and UI released.

We will be installing the newly released Grouper v 1.3.0 API and UI on
Published: 09:07 27th May 2008

Ldappc installed and configured successfully.

We have completed installing and configuring Ldappc. Ldappc allows Grouper groups to be provisioned to a LDAP backend.
Published: 11:53 16th May 2008

gFivo releases report on Multiple Security Mechanisms Web Services Deployment.

We have completed our report on multiple security mechanisms for a Web Service.
Published: 16:02 14th May 2008

gFivo to report on our research on multiple security mechanisms for Web Services.

We are planning on releasing a report on our research conducted into incorporating 2 security mechanisms for a single service. We will be focussing on the various options in implementing such a scheme and the limitations of these options.
Published: 09:12 12th May 2008

Grouper WS 1.3.0 RC 2 successfully deployed and configured.

We successfully deployed and configured Grouper WS 1.3.0 RC 2 on a Redhat server.
Published: 14:39 9th May 2008

Hibernate/MySQL exceptions during Grouper WS 1.3.0 RC1 deployment.

Grouper WS 1.3.0 RC1 works fine on Windows but exceptions thrown during Redhat deployment.
Published: 12:08 9th May 2008

Successful deployment of Grouper API and UI 1.3.0 RC2.
Grouper UI 1.3.0 deployed and configured successfully.

We had no problems deploying and configuring both Grouper API and UI RC2. Everything ran smoothly and it appears that logging functionality is working again.
Published: 12:02 9th May 2008

Unsuccessful deployment of Grouper UI 1.3 RC1.
Login and logging problems with Grouper UI 1.3.0 RC1

We sucessfully deployed Grouper API 1.3 RC1. However, we had trouble configuring Grouper UI 1.3 RC1.
Published: 11:54 9th May 2008

Multi-port Web Services.
Multi-port Web Servics deployment unsuccessful.

Multi-port Web services doesn't appear to work and there's not much work being done on the subject within the Web Services community.
Published: 11:40 9th May 2008

Rampart doesn't support alternative policies.
Performance issues mean that Rampart does not support alternative policies.

Rampart doesn't support alternative policies because of performance issues. It appears that the Axis engine takes too long to process a policy file that contains alternative policies.
Published: 11:23 9th May 2008

Implementing two security mechanisms for the same service.
Two options for implementing multiple security mechanisms for the same service.

After doing some research on the subject, we have come up with 2 options for implementing multiple security mechanisms for the same service, alternative polices and multi-port Web Services.
Published: 11:09 9th May 2008

Mapping 2 service classes to separate servlet classes
Deploying a single web app for both Basic Auth and WS-Security.

At the moment, we can't deploy a single service that implements both Basic Auth and WS-Security. We have to deploy 2 different web apps that either implements Basic Auth or WS-Security. This is because Axis2 doesn't like it when 2 services uses the same servlet class.
Published: 12:55 14th April 2008

Problems with Grouper WS 1.3.0
Rampart authentication not working in Grouper WS 1.3.0

The official Grouper WS 1.3.0 has been released but we are having problems getting Rampart authentication to work.
Published: 12:13 4th April 2008

Successful integration of Newcastle wikis with Grouper WS
gFivo successfully demonstrates the use of Grouper WS to provision details.

The gFivo project has successfully demonstrated the use of Web Services to provision user details from Grouper to collaborative tools, especially wikis.
Published: 12:12 4th April 2008

Rampart works with official Grouper WS
Rampart works well with pre-release of official Grouper WS

We have completed the testing of Rampart authentication with the pre-release of Grouper WS and it seems to be working well.
Published: 12:11 4th April 2008

Successful deployment of PHP clients
PHP client successfully calls Grouper WS but .NET client does not.

We have successfully developed PHP clients to call the Grouper WS. This is a vital requirement for us since much of our web applications are PHP based.
Published: 12:10 4th April 2008

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